Friday, September 2, 2011


After many days of discrete planning and scheming...Jen and I finally decided it was time for us to get our revenge on Paul. So as soon as Paul went on vacation in FL, we pounced on our opportunity. Our first thought was to completely fill his car up with foam, and then put Ping in the drivers seat. Unfortunately, he took his keys with him to Florida :( So we went to plan B...a foam explosion. Jen, having a plethora of extra foam from her work, (She works with adults with disabilities and they poke foam out of a sheet for theraputic purposes) had brought home three ginormous bags of foam from work over the course of the week. With the help of Paul's roommate, Darin, we brought all of the foam to his apartment and stuffed his closet and covered his bedroom floor with a thick layer of pink foam:) We stuffed his shoes and socks with foam, we stuffed it anywhere and everywhere it would fit. Since Ping's head had been previously decapitated from Paul's prank on us, we had to do something with it too...SO we hung it from the ceiling:) Needless to say, we definitely won the prank war:)

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  1. I know first hand what a mess those make! I'm glad it wasn't my closet!