Monday, April 28, 2014

Back with a BANG

It's been nearly four months since I stepped off the plane in the St George Airport and saw my beautiful family for the fist time in a year and a half.  I cannot believe how quickly the time passes!

Coming back to Provo has been an adjustment to say the least.  It is a very humbling experience to come to a city you know well, but to find that the majority of people you knew are no longer there.  But life is full of new beginnings- and this has definitely been a new one!

Since I've been home, I have been blessed immensely! I found a cheap place to leave, I bought a car for a steal of a deal, everything with all my classes just seemed to fall into place, AND I got a job that pays great and that I didn't even have to interview for.  Blessings!

Now that the semester is over, I can't help but get the feeling of, "And then what?".  I'm not taking classes, over the summer- just working 30-40 hours a week. The few friends I have in my ward are graduating and won't even live in Provo anymore- at least for the summer.  Linsey is graduating and moving to Arizona and having a baby soon.  And I- am just lookin' for fun things to do:)  Any ideas? I have looked into intramurals, but I am no good a soccer or tennis- so maybe I'll go with softball? That's all I've come up with so far.

I am EXCITED about our fun trips this summer- can't wait for Texas and Hawaii- they're gonna be great! Below are a couple photos from Easter with Ella and Ruby.  The latter is of me and Stacey on our way to my mission reunion--We were jammin' out;)