Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July Festivities

The weekend after I returned from Virginia, my friend Darin in my ward invited a bunch of us up to his house in Idaho Falls for the Fourth. He said they had the best fireworks show west of the Mississippi and it would be a way fun trip. So: Paul, Peter (roomies), Me and Jen, and Katy, Jerica, and Bekah (our neighbors) all leapt at Darin's offer to go to his house for the weekend.

It was a really fun trip and we had some good times. Many a games were played, including an overdose of BananaGrams, Catch Phrase, Spaz, and "Beyond" Balsderdash. Paul Also taught me how to skip rocks while we waited for the fireworks by the Snake river all day.

I also experienced my first drive in Movie theater whilst there. It was a late night double feature of Transformers 3 and Super 8. Pretty fun.

The whole group pyramid the night we did fireworks!


The animal game...I was an elephant in case you were wondering:)

Jennifer and I in front of the Idaho Falls Temple!

We weren't tired or anything while we were waiting for the firework show...:)

The parade in the morning!


Asian pose in front of Asian monument

the men...looking a little confused:)

The Drive In

Chillin all day by the river waiting for the fireworks show

Eating Reed's famous ice cream...deliciousness

Jen and I on the car ride up

Paul and Me lovin' the twizzlers as we waited for the movie to start!

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