Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Semester

Here's my new apartment! It's not the greatest but it is livable and cheap. And close to Al and P too so that's always a plus:) Things here have been busy for me this past month or so. Lots of school work and midterms are coming up next week, so there won't be much of a break:) The roommate situation is fine. I'm surviving, not much else to say. Although Kaylee has been somewhat better about watching movies (without headphones I might add) in the middle of the night since she woke me up the other night and I slept on the couch:)

I have also starting volunteering at an elementary school out here every Tuesday for a couple of hours. Its been fun and interesting:) I have to have so many observation hours on order to apply for the program in January, so I'm trying to get a head start on that.

I'll be watching Addie and Ella on Friday so Jami and James can go out, so that'll be fun to see them! Other than that I really don't have much else to say. Al and I are still playing on our intramural volleyball team. Our tournament starts tonight, so hopefully we'll play good. I also got my bike last weekend and it's been great to have that! It is so much faster than walking everywhere. Well I better run, I have to class. I'll update again soon.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

19th Birthday Festivities

Well it was definitely a great birthday this year! So many great friends and family and fun!:) Thanks everyone for making it such a wonderful day, I love you all!

Well the festivities began exactly at midnight as my home teachers brought me this birthday cake right as the clock stroke 12. It was German Chocolate with toffee bits and candied peanuts on the top. It was delicious:)
This is just the roommate picture right after turned 19, and when the cake was delivered:)Breakfast in bed from the dear roommates:) Eggs, toast, and strawberries.
Party at the Harwards! Thanks Jame and Al for all the work that was put into that, it was great:) Jami and Ali made 6 pizzas and a delicious cake for all of us! It was a great party, lots of fun.
Addie just being crazy.Ella:)After we played 'pit' my rommates left and we all played dominoes together. I really like that game. So fun:) here's Pierre and me, Ali's taking the picture, and Jami is putting the girls to sleep.James:)A lovely and interesting gift from the visiting teachers.And a shirt and a homemade picture frame from Al and Perris:) Love them both, thanks again!And Jami made this headband for me(which i love:) And also some hanging paper flower decorations for my new apartment. They are way cute and i'm excited to put them up in the fall when i move in:)
Mom and Dad gave me an Easter dress and a pair of jeans, thanks guys! Love ya. And Cami and Tara both gave me a some money! Thanks everyone, I love and miss you all!Jami helping Ali lengthen the skirt that she made after everyone has left.

Monday, March 22, 2010

As of Late

Alright, so basically life has been pretty crazy lately. Lots of schoolwork, housing search, job seeking and other stresses happening, but in spite of all the stress, things have actually been really great:) I'm enjoying school, but I am starting to get very anxious for summer! School seems to go by so much faster in college than it did in high school. It feels like i just moved into the dorms just a little bit ago, and now i'm about to move out! 3 weeks left of classes and 1 week of finals left! It will be a bittersweet departure though as I leave my roommates. We have had some pretty hilarious and fun times together. I was definitely very fortunate to get such great roommates that not only got along with each other, but we have become best friends:)

I was just looking through my pictures and found some old ones that brought back fun memories that i wanted to share with everyone! Below is Cade and me camping at Pine Valley the summer before my senior year (2008 I believe). Cade is such a cutie here, but he has gotten so big now. I definitely am missing seeing the Fords lately! Know that you are all loved and missed:)!
Below is me holding Kaylee at the Sherwood Hills Family Reunion in 2008(? I think) I'm getting excited to come out in July for Ty's baptism and spend time with the Hart's! It's definitely been way too long since my last visit:)

Just me and Kate flying off the swings and Gma and Gpa Stone's house a couple of summers ago:) Good times!Mom, Kaite, and me exploring the shops at Bryce Canyon during Fall break of 2008?Cute Kate:) Love her.The whole Fam Damily...well sort of:)
Yep, bet this one caught ya off guard:) I'm Lovin It.Los PadresAlly Cope, Me, and Hailee Hammer chillin in the handcart on my #2 Trek. Despite the pouring rain, and my fainting on that trip, it was soo much fun! Lots of memories made then:)

The classic Porsche picture that was posted on facebook as my Graduation Present from the parentals :) If only it was true:) Wanna know how many people actually believed it... A TON! I was actually surprised at how many people we fooled:) All credit goes to the mastermind behind the planof Marisa Kendrick! Hehe, gotta love it.
Grandpa Stone's birthday celebration December 2009.
From left to right: Me, cousins: JJ, Michael, CJ, and Brennen. Right before JJ left to go the MTC at his farewell party. He is currently in Lithuania serving the Lord:) And Congrats to CJ who just got his mission call to Houston TX!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary Padres

Here's the tribute to the the parents Anniversary:) This song was, without fail, sung at any anniversary occasion throughout my childhood! It brings back lots of fun memories! We love ya lots Mom and Dad and thanks for all you do!

Monday, February 1, 2010

New hair

New hair cut, here are the pics:)

This is Kimberly (roommate), Me, and Katri (adopted roommate:)

The Campout

Well, I think college has knocked some sense OUT of me... Why is this
you may wonder? Well let me explain. At the moment I am sitting in a
tent in front of the Marriott Center at BYU, taking my shift at the
tent. Apparently, my roommates felt it necessary to camp out in front
of the building for the BYU vs UTAH basketball on Saturday in order to
get good seats. You see, because this is such a big game there are
always a million people trying to get in and they limit the amount of
people that can sit in the student section. So here we are, camping
less than a mile from where we live in the freezing weather. But
despite the cold we are keeping pretty warm. We have a mountain of
blankets and sleeping bags and such, so it's not too bad. So the
game is on Saturday, and we have been here since Thursday evening!
Crazy, yes. Fun, yes. Cold, YES! There always has to be someone in
the tent or else someone can come steal your place in line, so we got
it all worked out so everyone has a shift in between their class
schedule. So it actually worked out quite nicely. Oh I forgot to say
how many other people are here. Well we are already tent #21 and
people are still setting up at least 5 tents behind us as well. People
here are crazy, the first few tents have been here since Monday. And
yes, i do realize that i am crazy too for doing the same thing But it
is still Ridiculousness, seriously. And the funny thing is that i
honestly really don't care about basketball at all, but we're all
having a good time anyways:) it's a fun adventure if nothing else:)
Oh and as we were setting up our tent yesterday a reporter from the
Daily Herald interviewed us and asked us why we were here so early and
got the scoop:) he said he was a web journalist so if he even uses our
clip then it'll be online at the Daily So you all will
have to keep an eye out for my 5 minutes of fame:)

Here is the link to the Daily Herald interview:

It was definitely a fun adventure but I'm pretty sure I will not EVER be doing that again.
Sure, it was a good one time experience but never again:) Here are some pictures of it below.
There aren't too many, but enough that you should get the idea of what it was like:)

The first picture is of Melinda and I right after we got the tent all set up. We were still happy and having fun at that point...hence all the smiles:)

This is just Mel talking on the phone and working on homework:)

This next picture is of our tent and the line of tents that were near. Note: these were not even close to all of the tents that were there, it's just all i could fit in the picture.
Okay, this next picture has a story behind it. The first night at the tent we got lots of things together for us to take to the tent with us to keep us warm. So Melinda wanted to make some hand warmers by warming up rice and putting it in a sock for us to hold in our pockets. So, she put some rice in a cup and put it in the microwave for a minute. To my surprise, she kept on adding 30 seconds until it had been in there for a couple of minutes. So I asked her how long she normally put them in for beacuse that seemed like a really long time to me. SHe said they were fine and that she had done this a million times before. Anyways, so I finally had to check on them to see if they really were okay. Well, they weren't. The rice was completely black, and they had gotten so hot that they burned a hole through the bottom of my cup! It was gross, but really funny:)
Alright and here are just a bunch of pics from the tent and the game:

Alright if you look on the first row in the 4th seat in, is Elder Bednar:) He was right
across from us in the stadium and he had front row seats. Betcha he didn't have to camp out, and he STILL
got better seats than we did. Oh well, just the joys of being a poor/crazy college student:)