Monday, March 22, 2010

As of Late

Alright, so basically life has been pretty crazy lately. Lots of schoolwork, housing search, job seeking and other stresses happening, but in spite of all the stress, things have actually been really great:) I'm enjoying school, but I am starting to get very anxious for summer! School seems to go by so much faster in college than it did in high school. It feels like i just moved into the dorms just a little bit ago, and now i'm about to move out! 3 weeks left of classes and 1 week of finals left! It will be a bittersweet departure though as I leave my roommates. We have had some pretty hilarious and fun times together. I was definitely very fortunate to get such great roommates that not only got along with each other, but we have become best friends:)

I was just looking through my pictures and found some old ones that brought back fun memories that i wanted to share with everyone! Below is Cade and me camping at Pine Valley the summer before my senior year (2008 I believe). Cade is such a cutie here, but he has gotten so big now. I definitely am missing seeing the Fords lately! Know that you are all loved and missed:)!
Below is me holding Kaylee at the Sherwood Hills Family Reunion in 2008(? I think) I'm getting excited to come out in July for Ty's baptism and spend time with the Hart's! It's definitely been way too long since my last visit:)

Just me and Kate flying off the swings and Gma and Gpa Stone's house a couple of summers ago:) Good times!Mom, Kaite, and me exploring the shops at Bryce Canyon during Fall break of 2008?Cute Kate:) Love her.The whole Fam Damily...well sort of:)
Yep, bet this one caught ya off guard:) I'm Lovin It.Los PadresAlly Cope, Me, and Hailee Hammer chillin in the handcart on my #2 Trek. Despite the pouring rain, and my fainting on that trip, it was soo much fun! Lots of memories made then:)

The classic Porsche picture that was posted on facebook as my Graduation Present from the parentals :) If only it was true:) Wanna know how many people actually believed it... A TON! I was actually surprised at how many people we fooled:) All credit goes to the mastermind behind the planof Marisa Kendrick! Hehe, gotta love it.
Grandpa Stone's birthday celebration December 2009.
From left to right: Me, cousins: JJ, Michael, CJ, and Brennen. Right before JJ left to go the MTC at his farewell party. He is currently in Lithuania serving the Lord:) And Congrats to CJ who just got his mission call to Houston TX!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary Padres

Here's the tribute to the the parents Anniversary:) This song was, without fail, sung at any anniversary occasion throughout my childhood! It brings back lots of fun memories! We love ya lots Mom and Dad and thanks for all you do!