Friday, September 2, 2011

Angel's Landing

My friend Paul and I went to Zions National Park a couple weeks ago, and we hiked Angel's Landing.
Holy. Flippin. Crap. I almost died.
Not because it was dangerous or anything, but because it was sooo steep. Definitely a tough hike, but totally worth it. Will I ever do it that's debatable:)
There's no denying the beauty though. absolutely breath taking.

So after 3.5 hours or so of climbing up up up, we reached the top! So sweet.
Here are some pics from our adventure:

Me posing in a little rock cave with a hole in the top that we passed on our endess journey upward:)

The view from the TOP!

See that skinny little slit of rock... that is the aerial view of angel's landing. I got to see it when DAd flew me and Jami over Zions:) It was pretty sweet.

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  1. This was such a fun hike Lynds! What a blast! We need to go back to Zion's again---maybe hike the Narrows :) Thanks for being my buddy and coming! Ya did great!