Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hocus Pocus Anyone??

Hocus Pocus is probably the greatest movie ever if you haven't seen it you should go watch it immediately! It is so hilarious:) Love love love it. So for Halloween this year, my friend Carrie, Linsey, and I all decided we would be the Sanderson sisters from the movie. After planning our costumes, carefully making sure each piece of wire and wig hair was in the correct place, paling our faces and putting our make-up masks on, we went off to our Halloween Party. Let me just say, we looked DANG good:)

Below is a picture of the original Sanderson Sisters. Linsey was Mary (on left), I was Winnie(middle) and our friend Carrie was supposed to be Sarah (on right) but she pooped out on unfortunately there were only two Sanderson Sisters present at the party, but it was still sooooo fun:)
It was really fun just to get all dressed up and decked out for Halloween. It's the first time I've gone all out in a really long time:) It's fun to be silly! WE had a great time at our party although the wig was super itchy and Lins had to take the wire out of her hair half way through the night. Good times.

Life has been crazy lately but I think this next week won't be too bad school wise, so hopefully that'll give me the chance to get over this cold I've been fighting for the last 2 weeks. I really hate being is no fun at all. Other than that Life is great:) I'm excited to get a call from Jami this week as she could go into labor any day now!