Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh my Katie

If any of you know my younger sister Katie, you know that she is the funniest little fart around. She's tougher than the tough and can easily tackle and pin me down without the least degree of effort on her part. It's quite infuriating actually to have your younger sister (by 5 years) come up behind you, knock you down, and have you pinned within seconds. She says she's making up for all those years of torture that I inflicted upon her as a child...but I have absolutely no memory of that whatsoever...;)

This summer has been particularly trying on her behalf. Her, My mother and father have been in Ohio all summer to be near the doctor performing her surgeries. They came home for a week in August, intending to stay home until October, but had to unexpectedly leave due to complications with the R.E.D. device implanted into her skull. Yet again, she was uprooted from her home, taken from her friends, father, and new dog to go back to Ohio with my mom, older sister Ali, and her son Wade. Today marked Katie's 8th surgery within the last 4 months. It was a bigger surgery than anticipated. Once the Dr. got in there, he asked my mom for permission to do a bone graft to strengthen the upper jaw as well as lift her nose( which was squished from jaw distraction all summer) and added the first layer of cheekbones and bone paste.

This surgery today went well, but presents the potential danger of her body rejecting the bone graft (which was acquired through a bone bank) in addition to the fact that she is in serious pain.
Please pray for her! She is loved by the Lord and will get through this, but she needs all the extra help she can get.

Love you so much Kate, and wish I could be there with you! Thanks for always being such a great example to me in my life . Sure do love you a million. You can and will get through this

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  1. Yes, she will get thru it. It's a good thing she was built so tough! You, Lyndz, were specially chosen to be her closest sibling. You've been the perfect friend-companion. Just what she needed! Love ya. - Daddy-O