Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me, Kimberly, and Flat Stanley looking over Provo's scenic view.

New Semester, new roommate...I don't mind at all:) I am now roommates with Linsey and not Kaylee! Life is much better. No smelly room, no major messes, and No movies at 3 in the morning! Life is good:)

These past few weeks have been super busy school wise. Don't know why this semester seems so draining, when I'm taking less credits than last semester. Oh well. Some are just killer I guess. I am very much looking forward to summer and nice break from ANY school:) Monday is President's day and it will be the last day we have off until summer! crazy...

Yesterday was a day of firsts. I Hiked the Y mountain for the first time yesterday. And I got my first flat tire yesterday. It wasn't too bad though. I was driving a couple blocks to pick up my firend Kimberly and the car just seemed so crooked. Then I realized we had a flat. We had to borrow a jack from some boys in her ward though cause a part of mine was missing. so now I have to go see if the tire can be repaired. and I should get my oil changed while I'm there too. I hate spending money. Especially since I don't have very much left! Oh well, It's just a part of the college experience I guess.

This last weekend I went down to Wickenburg Arizona with my roommate Linsey and our friend Paul. It was her town's 'Founding Day" and they had huge celebrations with a parade and a carnival. It was really fun to get out of Provo for a while and just have some fun! Linsey's family was great, and despite the 10 hour drive it was awesome. I'll attach some pics below.

I haven't Posted in a couple of months so here are since pics from recent happenings.
Cute Kate!
New Room with with curtains and bedspread that Mom made me for Christmas. I Love them! Thanks Mom!

An old roommate gathering at my apartment right before Caitlin got married and Melinda got engaged.
On the ride at the Carnival...yep, we were pretty excited;)
Linsey, me, and Paul in Wickenburg, AZ
Audrey (linsey's sister), Lins, and me
We made it to the Y!!
just being crazy