Friday, September 2, 2011

The New Place

I moved. Love my new little house, it is just so great:) I'm only a block away from where I used to be, but it's still in a new ward. But that's okay, because I'm close enough to still visit my old friends and far away enough to meet lots of new people in my new ward and such. I'm still living with my friend Linsey and our shared room is glorious compared to the little room we were squished in before. I really like the house though. It is super cute and cozy and I have 4 other roomies. Me and Lins obviously, Shannon and Carol Ann (remember that name for a later paragraph:) share the room next to us, and then Liesl has the private room. The only downside is that we only have one bathroom for the 5 of us...which really isn't terrible, but can sometimes present a challenge if you are running late and need a quick shower.

Another thing about the house is that there are doors EVERYWHERE. Seriously. We have a front door. There's a door in Shannon and Carol Ann's room, there a door in my room, there's another door in the kitchen, and...actually now that i think about it that's all. but that is still a lot in my opinion.:)

Being in this house also gives me the pleasure of being in Ali and Perris' ward:) Pretty fun. P is still in the bishopric in this ward and I get to sit by Ali and wade in Sac. meeting. It is great, and i love it:)

Okay, so I told you to remember Carol Ann's name. this is why. So one day when I first moved in, I got the mail. I glanced at the names briefly because I was curious as to what my new roomies last names were. I throw the pile of mail on the coffee table and go into my room to get some stuff done. So like an hour later I get on to look at my classes and make sure i have a ll the right books and stuff. As I'm glancing over the names of my professor I suddenly stop. My eyes focus on my Multicultural education class Professor. I run out to look at the name in the mail again, and sure enough they are the same. My roommate is my professor, how weird huh?? The class is just once a week though and I went to it today for the first time and it was really good. The whole class laughed when we told them:) It was pretty funny.

Other than that my first week of classes has been good. It's definitely going to be very busy, but it's fun because I have mulitple classes with the same people because we are all in the program together. I'm excited for this semester and to see what it has to offer.

Alirght, here are some pics of the house and recent happenings:)

My house:)

My room

Me and KAte being crazy after she got home from Cincinatti:)

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  1. Lynds, I have but one thing to say. You are such a HOTTIE!!!