Monday, April 16, 2012

Doneski... for a year and a half

I am done with Finals, on the second day of finals.  Seriously, this has never happened to me before...BUT it's great:)  Now all there's left to do is to play with my friends before I leave, pack up and be out of my apt by Friday, and party at Lagoon on Saturday:)

Sunday was a bitter sweet day as the realization of leaving hit me. Many of my friends will be graduated and out of Provo by the time I get back, so it's been hard to say goodbye.  But, life must go on.  Change  has never really been fun for me, but I guess it's always necessary.  It has been especially great to be so close to Jami and Ali these past three years! Loved every minute of that:)  Ali and Per will most likely not be living here when I get back and I'm not sure what the plan is for Jami and James, but either way it'll be different when I return.  I am so blessed. Great family, awesome friends, and the gospel in my life.  It is great.

I'm excited to come home and spend time with the fam and swim and camp though, it'll be great. 
Here are some fun pics from life lately.  Most are from my birthday or Jami's birthday:)

 The was fun to catch up with everyone (Melinda, Me, Kimberly, Caitlin, and Lins)
 We are pretty cute:)
 Jami's delicious birthday dinner: Lettuce wraps and avacado egg rolls!

 She is loved by all:)
 The gone
 Fam dam


Linsey hadn't ever experienced "Shake Face" of course I had to demonstrate:) Pretty darn good if  you ask me!;)