Sunday, June 12, 2011


Poor Ping.

Last Fall Semester I had to do a final creativity project for my History of Creativity Class. I decided to make a life-sized saran wrap sculpture. So I asked my friend Ann if i could use her as a model. All you do is wrap them up in saran wrap like a mummy and then go over the saran wrap with clear packing tape. Then you cute them out of it and re-tape it together. (You do it in parts of course so the person doesn't suffocate:) Finished the project, got a good grade, and carried it home from campus all in one day. By the way, you can't imagine the looks I got as I carried this life sized thing under my arm as I crossed campus. It was pretty funny:)
(Ping in her prime!)

After working so hard on this project, I was not ready to part with it just yet. So From December to June it has basically just sat in our front room. throughout the months, we roommates played practical jokes on each other with it. Sticking it in each others closets, beds, shower, etc. Fun Stuff. Naturally, as it became a member of the apartment, we named it. Ping. Great name huh? ;) (It's a great conversation starter by the way, if you ever have people over that you don't really know. Breaks the ice real fast!)

So June comes. I'm cleaning the apartment on Saturday. I look at Jen and we both know it's time. It's time to say good-bye to Ping. So as we take the trash and Ping to the dumpster, we pass our friend Paul's car in the parking lot... hehe. We throw the trash away and head over to his car. We stick Ping under the windshield wipers on his windshield. Brilliant!! We walk away triumphantly.

All day passes without a text from Paul. Very unusaul, as we both expected at least some kind of reaction from him. Sunday comes. We sit by Paul in Sacrament meeting and he says we got him good and that unfortunately, Ping is no longer with us. Sad Day. Evening comes. Jen and I are sitting in my room both catching up on some journal writing and we hear a weird krinkly noise outside (our window was open). I ignored it and kept writing. It happens again, and Jen bolts upright and yells, "PING!" We both scramble to the window and see her. Poor Ping, decapitated and hung from the roof of our building, swinging gently in the breeze right outside our window.

Naturally, our first instinct was to save Ping in order for a future retaliation. Then I wanted to catch Paul in the act, so I go out the front door and guess what i see on the mat? Ping's head with a note on it saying, "Sorry I lied. Ping is still here..." Hahahahahaha it was SOOOO funny! But you better believe that we WILL retaliate:) I don't know when or how, but we will...


  1. Muahahaha (That's my evil laugh). You better bet we'll retaliate. The ideas are already flowing :D

  2. These are the kinds of things that make college SO MUCH FUN. I miss those days, but who's to say I couldn't start something like this up right now huh? I could start a prank war with Andy...hmmm...