Sunday, June 12, 2011


My excuse for not posting these past few months=lost camera charger=no pics. Still haven't found it, but I finally gave in and ordered a new one from amazon this week, so pictures will be soon to come.

So many blessings have come to me this past month and a half! I found a job, got a $4,000 scholarship for the upcoming school year, and got to spend three weekends in St. george with Mom, Dad, and KAtie before they left for Ohio. So blessed.

Things seem like a whirl-wind recently, but they are great:) I finished the semester back in April, made lots of trips to SG, helped Ali and Perris move, found a job, started working, and have been super involved in ward activities! I really love my ward, and I'll be sad to move to a different one in August. But we'll only be a block away, so we'll be able to chill with the old ward and have a whole new ward to get to know too.

Work has been great. I started full time last Monday. I work with a 14 yr old boy that's only disability is severe diabetes. He's a pretty cool kid and we get along well. I pick him up everyday at 8am and drop him off at 4. We meet up with the rest of our group at 10am and we just go do things in the community:) We've been to Trafalga (it's kinda like Chuck-E. Cheese) and up Provo Canyon, and play games at parks. I really enjoy it, and the best part is I get paid to do all these fun things!! Love it. Definitely gonna have quite the farmer's tan by the end of the summer:) I'm pretty exhausted by the end of the day because we are so active and in the sun so much, but i always sleep well.

My roommate Ashley moves out tomorrow, which basically just leaves me and Jen. It'll be a little weird having just the two of us around, but it'll be fun! We have another roommate, Kaylee, but her internet boyfriend just moved here last week from Canada and we basically haven't seen her since then. All her kitchen stuff is gone and she never comes home...really i've only seen her once in the last week. crazy. Oh well.

I've definitely missed having Ali and Perris and little Wade around! But I'm glad P gets to work at Fitness Ridge!! I sure do love it there. It's been nice to hear everyone say hello through him:)
I've been over to Jami's quite a few times too:) She helped me cut out and sew a love sac for my apartment. It turned out awesome. I'll have to post a picture as soon as my new camera charger arrives in the mail.

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