Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dating Box

As of last month, my ward has a Dating committee. Yes, a real calling complete with a chair, co-chair, and committee. Pretty funny, but pretty awesome. So, they started having a dessert night every Sunday after ward prayer where you can come for a treat and to put names in "The Dating Box".

Here's how it works: Anyone can write two people's names down (in the ward) and put them in the box to set them up for date. If you are lucky enough to be selected, you get an email asking you to respond with the maximum number of dates you'd like to go on that week and the times you are available. By responding to the email, you are accepting any dates they set you up on. Once they get all the times worked out, they email you back and tell you Who your date(s) are with and when. The guy is in charge of planning and paying for the date.They only set you up on a first date, and it can only be an hour long. So it's just a fun and social way to get to know all the people in your ward better. Well, and date them if you want:)

This weekend was my first experience with The Dating Box:) I was scheduled for a date on Friday with Erik...who was a no show. but it's okay, I have since forgiven him. He had oral surgery eralier that day and the meds affected him so much he was knocked out all evening. He felt really bad, and we are going out on Monday instead:) I also got set up with David for a lunch date on Sat. It was fun! Very casual, just went to lunch at Panda Express ( I forgot how much I hate that place, but I survived:) and chatted. Fun. Not interested in either of them, but they are fun guys;) I know Jen and Paul and Tisah all put my name in again this week, so we'll see how that goes.

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  1. Lynds, I LOVE This! What a spectacular idea! Seriously, I think that every BYU ward, and singles ward should have something like this. It gets people moving :) Fun Fun.