Friday, June 17, 2011


Today has been an excellent day! I went through Soar training at work and learned lots of restraints. It was actually pretty fun! Then I went to the pool with my neighbor Natalie and some guys from our ward. We played water bball and sand volleyball. Pretty awesome, and super fun. Then we went to Papa Murphey's and got the most delicious pizza ever. Seriously. Stuffed crust Chicken and Bacon. Huge. Wonderful. Caloric. Delicious. Card games with Darin, Paul, and Jen. Then Movie night watching Quantum of Solace with some wardies. Excellent day.

So I just got my new camera charger in the mail! So i decided I needed to post a picture for you all:) By the way, I am loving I got my camera charger (plus TWO extra batteries that came with it) all for like $10. So great.

Here is my rendition of Starry Night that I made in my Art class last semester:)