Saturday, March 3, 2012

Called to Serve

Ready? ......Carlsbad California, Spanish Speaking!

I am so excited! I leave June 6th to the MTC. I turned in my papers on the 13th of February, the call was made on the 16th, and my call arrived on the 22nd. When I got home and saw it on my bed, I immediately called Ali and told her I was coming over to open it. She called Jami to come over while I called Mom and Dad to get on Google+ to open it together. I kind of had the inkling as soon as I picked it up that I was gonna go stateside, because it was lighter than I would have expected had it had passport information in it was well. Honestly, I was a little disappointed at that, but I quickly overcame:) I got to Ali's and as soon as I opened it I quickly covered the letter with the envelope, because I know my eyes would jump down to the line where it said WHERE. Despite my plan, I still saw the "California" before I could cover it. As soon as I read it, I was overcome with excitement and a sense of peace, knowing immediately that this was exactly where the Lord wanted and needed me. Then I read "You will prepare to preach the Gospel in the Spanish Language" and I was so happy! Really, it was so great!

My friend Stephen served a Spanish speaking mission and he gave me a Book of Mormon in Spanish to start reading. So I've been trying to read that comparatively every night. Let me tell you, it is a slow progression. I feel confident in my pronunciation and reading, it's just the meaning part that gets me. Yep, that's pretty important. But it is fun!

I am really excited. I know nervousness will set in as June 6th comes closer, but I know as long as I'm doing my part, I know the Lord will bless me.

Here are some pictures of the night I opened my call:


  1. Skipping excited for you Lynds :). Wish I could be there for all of this, but I'm so glad for modern technology so virtually I was there! Love you.

  2. Congratulations on your mission call!! Missions are so different than any other experience you will ever have, as I'm sure you know. Spanish speaking of course tend to be the best :) Knock em' dead!