Tuesday, March 13, 2012


is quite the game. Stealth, planning, alliances, and paranoia all play a role in this life or death game.  Here's how it works: 40 people signed up to play. Each person gets a 'target' to kill be a certain deadline (pun intended;). To kill your target, you have to get some form of water onto your target. It can be a bucket of water, a sprinkle of water, a snowball, etc.
RULES are as follows:
  • Can't kill on Sundays
  • Can't kill at ward activities (however, to and from activities are free game)
  • You can't kill you target in their apartment. 
  • You can't kill your target if they are in contact with the opposite gender (ie: holding hands, linked arms, etc)
  • You can't kill with any bodily fluids--ie: saliva, sweat, etc (yes these kinds of rules must be established with immature boys in the ward;)
Surprisingly I am still in the game:)  There are only three people left out of 35-40 that started. I am pretty proud that I have made it this far! I've only  made 2 kills total, but apparently I am VERY good at evading death!  The fact that I am very busy and rarely see people from the ward, except on Sundays and FHE on Monday, has nothing to do with it at all;)

Let's just say I've NEVER been so paranoid in my whole life. I am constantly clutching my syringe full of water that is always in my pocket, looking for my target as I walk across campus. At the same time I am keeping my eyes peeled for my own assassin that is after me. I always stay in close proximity to man as I walk on Campus...regardless if I actually know them or not, in case I need to gram there arm in an emergency.

Despite my singleness, I have still been able to reap the benefits of being escorted by a male to and from ward activities. It is a good thing my roommate Linsey has a boyfriend, because I would have dies long ago without Stephen. There have been countless times walking home from a ward activity where He and Linsey are holding hands...and I am clutching onto his other arm. Haha it is actually quite hilarious, but he has been a good sport about it:)
All in all it has been a really fun experience, but honestly I am ready for it to be done. I'm sick of being paranoid all day every day:)  I am proud of my two kills though! the first one I got his home teachee to call and ask him to come and pick her up from institute so she wouldn't have to walk home in the rain.  I was waiting next to his car for the kill. As soon as he saw me he started sprinting and I went after him. Don't worry, my little syringe squirts REALLY far;). I killed him and then proceeded to sprint the 3 blocks back to my house because I knew his roommate was trying to kill me and I didn't want to wait around in case he was nearby.  The Second kill I made was by sheer luck. I happened to walk into the HFAC at the same time he was getting out of class. But I got him:)

Here's to hoping I'm still alive at the end of the week...we'll see!!


  1. Lyndz - this sounds REALLY fun! How long has it been going on? Oh, the joys of college life! I love you!

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this YOU ARE INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!