Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Well this week has been a long one so far. I was able to go home to St. George this weekend and spend some time with the fam, and it was so great:) We went to the Dixie high play, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and that was fun to see. Then were at the doctor's office most of the day on Saturday and found out that I had walking pneumonia. But despite my illness we still had a good time together. Hopefully I didn't get any of them sick. And on Sunday we went to Stake Conference and had a dang good dinner afterwards:) So delicious. Then I got to give the new scooter a try, and it is really fun to drive:) But needless to say it was a long drive home, filled with endless coughing fits.

So today was my first day back at classes because Monday and Tuesday I was too sick to go. So now I'm pretty loaded with homework. Oh well, I'll just have to catch up this weekend after I'm done taking my two tests. Sometimes it feels like it never ends, but I guess that's how it always is in college. Always busy:) Hopefully it'll all go well and I can get everything done quickly. I am feeling much better today though, and hopefully I'll be able to go over to Ali's tomorrow for a little bit as she will have the day off:)

Other than being sick, life is good. We have a cleaning check on Saturday, which I am horrified to say that I am actually looking forward to. Seriously though, living with a bunch of girls is great, except when many of us fail at cleaning up after ourselves. The kitchen is usually dirty because someone is always cooking, in the process of making a sandwich, or doing something else. I can live with a semi-dirty kitchen, at least it is being put to good use. BUT when it comes to the bathroom...that is where I draw the line! I woke up yesterday to go shower, and I walked into the bathroom and nearly threw-up after I looked in the bathtub. Okay so first of all, our drains have issues. The maintenance crew has to come every week and unclog Both of our showers. For some reason they cannot be fixed permanently, but only temporarily. And on top of that, every person in my apartment has an abnormal amount of hair shed daily. Yes, quite pleasant eh? No actually, not at all. So I walk in to the bathroom and the whomever had showered before had left lovely globs of hair caked to the side of the tub along with 6 inches of black water that wouldn't drain. Let's just say I didn't shower that day:) Hopefully we can keep it clean for a while after the cleaning check on Saturday.

I also finished my sewing my skirt for my sewing class. And although it didn't end up fitting me, (not sure how that happened, but oh well) it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. And I got a good grade on it. My camera is dead at the moment otherwise I'd put up a picture of it, but I guess pictures will have to wait. Anyways, anyone looking for a free skirt? Just gimme a call:)

I heard this quote lately and I really like what it says. Just thought I'd share it:)

Attitudes directly affect the choices we make, how much we accomplish, and ultimately how successful we are. You can change your life by changing your attitude.

-Dorothy Lehm Kuhl

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