Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Semester

Here's my new apartment! It's not the greatest but it is livable and cheap. And close to Al and P too so that's always a plus:) Things here have been busy for me this past month or so. Lots of school work and midterms are coming up next week, so there won't be much of a break:) The roommate situation is fine. I'm surviving, not much else to say. Although Kaylee has been somewhat better about watching movies (without headphones I might add) in the middle of the night since she woke me up the other night and I slept on the couch:)

I have also starting volunteering at an elementary school out here every Tuesday for a couple of hours. Its been fun and interesting:) I have to have so many observation hours on order to apply for the program in January, so I'm trying to get a head start on that.

I'll be watching Addie and Ella on Friday so Jami and James can go out, so that'll be fun to see them! Other than that I really don't have much else to say. Al and I are still playing on our intramural volleyball team. Our tournament starts tonight, so hopefully we'll play good. I also got my bike last weekend and it's been great to have that! It is so much faster than walking everywhere. Well I better run, I have to class. I'll update again soon.

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  1. Very nice! The picture of both sides of your room made me laugh. Way to post again! haha.

  2. Looks like memories being made! College is such a fun time, very unique time in your life- even if it doesn't seem like the'll make some good memories. AND it'll get better, I'm sure. Sure love you! It was good to talk to you yesterday.

  3. You know that apartment has a very strange layout if I'm imagining correctly...but then again it is a college apartment built in like 1945 right? And what's with the random box in the middle of your bedroom? I assume that's your roomie's :) Love you Lynds.