Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recent Happenings:)

Here are some more pictures from recent events:) The first is from Ali's birthday dinner outing, with Brin and Addie sitting on us as we wait for everyone to arrive. And the second one is of my our secret lives as ninjas in the basement of our dorms:) Just some fun stuff I thought would be worthy of sharing with all of you!:)

Well things here have been going well. Lots of work, but it's been a good start to the new semester. Melinda and I went down to St. George this weekend and surprised the Mom, Dad, Kate, Cam, Brin, Cade, and Adelle. It was lots of fun, but we forgot to take pictures while we were there, so that was a bummer. But we had a great time celebrating Katie's birthday and just hanging out and having fun with the fam:) Thanks for the great weekend guys!

Tonight I'm going over to A&P's house and be with them as they watch Jami's kids. So it'll be good to relax and not do any homework:) Wednesday Melinda and I are going to the BYU basketball game with the tickets from the Kendricks! They said the tickets they gave us are sitting right next to/near the General Young Women Pres. and A General Authority. So we'll just have to see if that is true:) We'll for sure take lots of pictures there. Thanks again Kendricks for those tickets! And Saturday our ward is taking us to Soldier Hollow to go tubing. I'm excited to go, never been tubing before so this'll be a first. So I'll break out the serious snow pants and heavy duty gear then. I hope it'll be fun:)

Today is KATIE'S 14th birthday:) She is now officially a Miamaid, gotta love it. Man time has been flying by this year! So much happening faster than I can keep up. Anyways, Hope you are having a great day Kate and know that I love ya lots!

The pics below are from a bunch of different activities:

This one is the whole Family at Thanksgiving with our crowns on:)

These are form our Ward trip to Temple Square back in December. Some are from the Square and the rest are form the bus ride up...we were feeling a bit energetic and Ann was in a serious picture taking mood, so there are some crazy ones:)


  1. Lynds, I just can't get over how dang beautiful you are. Seriously. I know I'm saying that in every comment, but it's just True :) Anyway, GOOD seeing you so happy. It makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

  2. Before I read Tara's comment I was going to comment that you are so photogenic! There's not a remotely bad picture in the lot! Thanks for helping with the girls last night.

  3. lynds you are a beaut. and i'm so intrigued by the secret ninja life in your basement. that sounds super exciting i wish i was a part of it