Thursday, May 1, 2014


Although I have never thought of myself as a picky person...I think I am wrong. I did however, overcome being a picky eater on my mission.  Eating cow's tongue and intestine can make you see the good in mushrooms and coleslaw.  Food with hair in it and smothered in grease tells ya that the stuff you thought was bad- REALLY wasn't so bad after all:)

Guess how many times I've been shopping in the past week to find a new shirt?  And guess how many shirts I've come home with...Zero.  Which isn't horrible, I just really wanted a fun new one! But I just didn't 'love' any of them...and who wants to spend money on something if you aren't gonna love it??  --Not me! Picky.

Snapchat is a new acquisition of mine.  One that I am still getting used to...because I still don't fully understand the purpose of it.  Half the time I get one, I just want to respond to the person with a text.  but you can't send 'just text' - a picture HAS to be included. That is the nature of the app.  So then I sit and try to think of a clever way to respond with the required picture- but I don't like any of that I take.  So the I rarely end up responding. Picky.

And then there's dating.  I feel bad for those guys that have taken me out this semester- or with whom I've hung out. There either strong in the gospel- and I'm just not interested in them.  Or they're cute, but not strong enough in the Gospel.  Maybe I judge too quickly, but when I see a red flag having to do with worthiness or when the spirit's not for me.  Gospel is the #1 requirement in my future companion.  Picky.  But that's a picky I'm okay with;)

 So to whomever loves me- thank you for accepting me and all my pickyness:)


  1. HAHAHA this made me laugh. I have never done snapchat...I just started instagram and I'm not that into it. But I am trying. But then, I don't know if I care enough??
    Be picky with boys!! Some other boy is being picky with girls, then you'll find each other and it will be LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  2. Just don't be picky with your nose. (This is Dad.)